[Translate to English:] Wartung und Pflege

Der Schweisshelm ist bei Raumtemperatur und tiefer Luftfeuchtigkeit zu lagern. Um die Lebensdauer der Batterien zu verlängern lagern sie den Helm gemäss wie folgt:


ProduktAktiv ModusStandby ModusSchlaf-ModusOptimale Lagerungsbedingungen
e680 / e670 / e650jajajadunkle Lagerung
Die Blendschutzkassette wechselt in den Schlafmodus, sobald sie länger als 15 Minuten weniger als 10 lux ausgesetzt ist.
e684 / vegaview2.5 / liteflip / p550 (ab Baujahr 2016)jajajadunkle Lagerung
Die Blendschutzkassette wechselt in den Schlafmodus, sobald sie länger als 15 Minuten weniger als 1 lux ausgesetzt ist.
e640/Nova/OSCjajajahelle Lagerung
Da die Blendschutzkassette mit eingebauten aufladbaren Batterien ausgestattet ist, sollte sie hell aufbewahrt werden .
p550 (bis Baujahr 2016)jajaneinhelle Lagerung
Da die Blendschutzkassette keinen Schlafmodus besitzt, sollte sie hell gelagert werden, damit die Stromversorgung über die Solarzellen erfolgen kann.
weldCAP / weldCAP hard / weldCAP bumpjajaneindunkle Lagerung
Da die Blendschutzkassette nicht über Solarzellen verfügt, sollte sie dunkel gelagert werden. Die Batterielebensdauer kann durch die Einstellung "Grind" verlängert werden.
e680, e670, e650, OSC, e640, b020: 10 lux

e684, vegaview2.5, liteflip, p550, panoramaxx, crystal2.0: 1 lux

weldCAP, weldCAP hard, weldCAP bump: do not have a sleep mode
 The lens of the automatic darkening filter may only be cleaned gently with treated compressed air and a microfibre cloth suitable for optical devices (optrel order no: 5004.900 or a microfibre cloth for glasses). The automatic darkening filter and the front cover lens must be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth.
 Do not use strong cleaning agents, solvents, alcohol or cleaning agents containing abrasives.
Scratched or damaged lenses must be replaced.
Clean the blower, the air hose and helmet using a cloth moistened with soapy water.
Allow the unit to dry at room temperature. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or solvents,
alcohol or cleaning agents containing abrasives.
The face seal is washable (hand wash, do not spin).
The face seal is hand washable, do not spin.
That depends on several factors.
The type and concentration of contamination in the ambient air, particle size, airflow level, ambient humidity.  The service life can be considerably extended by regularly changing the prefilter.
When you start to notice unpleasant odours again, the odour filter should be replaced.
As soon as the e3000 shows a filter alarm, the prefilter should be changed; repeat this as often as possible, until the pauses between alarms become shorter and shorter. Then the TH3 master filter should also be changed. It is recommended to change the main filter after changing the prefilter 4 times.

Standard battery

Type: Lithium-Ion, rechargeable
Voltage/Capacity:  14.8 V / 2.5 Ah    
Charging cycles: > 500
Operating time level 1*: 12 hours
Operating time level 2*: 10 hours
Operating time level 3*: 8 hours
Charging duratoin: app. 5 hours
Weight: 420 g / 14,815 oz
Colour: black

Long Life battery

Type: Lithium-Ion, rechargeable
Voltage/Capacity: 14,8 V / 2,5 Ah
CHarging cycles: > 500
Operating time level 1*: 12 hours
Operating time level 2*: 10 hours
Operating time level 3*: 8 hours
Charging duration: approx. 5 hours
Weight: 420 g / 14,815 oz
Colour: black

* Minimum operating time at room temperature with a new filter
The battery can be charged in between without damaging the battery.

Before use, always make sure that the e3000 is in perfect condition and proceed as follows:
1. Make sure that the main filter and prefilter are properly installed and that the release lever firmly fixes the cover (the cover must snap into place with an audible click when closed).

2. Check the air hose and the air connection for damage (holes, cracks, cuts). Connect the air hose to the helmet and blower by pressing the hose onto its counterpart until it snaps into place with an audible click.

3. Turn on the e3000 by pressing the On/Off button for about 0.5 seconds. During the 3-second start-up phase, all 5 LEDs light up (3 LEDs for setting the airflow level in green and 2 LEDs in red, one indicating the battery status, the other the filter status and an audible alarm (3 beeps). Following this, the e3000 is ready for operation.

4. In addition, the e3000 performs a self-test during the start-up phase to ensure that the unit is generating a sufficient airflow of more than 150 Nl/min. If the red filter LED is unlit after the 3-second switch-on phase, an air flow of at least 150 Nl/min is maintained. Using a built-in flow meter, the e3000 constantly monitors the airflow throughout operation and maintains it above 150 Nl/min.

5. As described above, the e3000 has a visible and audible alarm for low battery capacity and missing, clogged or incorrectly inserted filters. Leave the danger area immediately in case of an alarm!

6. Make sure that the low airflow/filter clogged alarm works by simulating a low airflow as follows. While the e3000 is switched on, remove the hose from the helmet and press the ball of your hand against the end of the hose. The motor then accelerates automatically to compensate for the low airflow. Continue to press the ball of your hand firmly against the end of the hose to seal it tightly. In this case, the unit outputs an audible alarm and the red filter LED lights up. To stop the alarm, press the On/Off button for about 3 seconds and connect the hose to the helmet.

7. Make sure the helmet is undamaged, put it on and fasten the PAPR to your hip.

8. Start the blower and make sure that the air in the helmet is circulating normally.

In the event of damage, you must replace defective parts before using the PAPR.
Certain maintenance and cleaning work (filter change, hose change, cleaning of the device and the face seal) may and should be carried out regularly by the user.
There are additional regulations depending on the country. Please contact your dealer or the occupational safety authority in your country. The legal requirements must be adhered to.
If the device is no longer functioning properly despite the user having serviced it. Please also observe the legal regulations for your country.