Welcome to a new dimension of viewing.

created by Branka Miljanovic |

Maximize your horizon with the new optrel panoramaxx.

Seeing stands for comfort, safety and of course quality. Seeing better means improving all three. The simplest and most common way to expand a helmet’s viewing area has been to increase the size of its auto-darkening filter (ADF). But a large ADF has several downsides, the added weight in the front decreases the ergonomics of the helmet while increasing battery requirements. A bigger ADF is therefore a just a compromise. We were never satisfied with that compromise. Optrel’s innovation labs can now present an uncompromising solution, the most innovative and ergonomic helmet to date, expanding the welder’s field of vision without compromising on comfort. The unique nose cut-out allows positioning of the auto-darkening display closer to the eyes. This enlarges the field of vision by a factor of 6 compared to conventional welding masks, without adding extra weight. The panorama view – in combination with the 2.5 shade at light-state and the optrel True Color optics – opens an entirely new visual dimension to the welding experience. Welders will love the brightness and clarity of the view from setup, to inspection, grinding and stitching. Better vision improves your safety, comfort and efficiency. The panoramaxx features optrel’s patented Autopilot function. The optrel Autopilot features a unique 5-sensor array which measures the brightness of the welding arc and automatically adjusts to the correct shade level (5-12). If the welding parameters change, the Autopilot detects the changes and automatically correct the shade level. The welder can simply focus on their work without interruption or having to adjust the shade setting. The result: Highest productivity with maximum protection. The panoramaxx also marks the launch of optrel’s unique new power system. Featuring a lithium-polymer power pack in combination with high-performance solar cells and an external Micro-USB charging option, the panoramaxx is the energy-independent, maintenance-free choice for professional welders. The panoramaxx combines optrel’s groundbreaking innovations with an unprecedented panorama view – making it the most advanced welding helmet of its time. In May 2017 the panoramaxx will be available at select optrel distributors. Maxximize your horizon and experience the new dimension of vision.