Swiss welding helmets restore eyesight in Africa

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Swiss firm optrel AG is making its voice heard with a unique Christmas campaign: proceeds from sales of a special limited edition panoramaxx welding helmet will all go to the Swiss aid organisation Light for the World and save the sight of fifteen people in Africa per helmet.

It is an overcast day with sleet coming down from the skies when optrel AG's Marketing Director Branka Miljanovic meets Sabine from the Light for the World organisation. Radiant smiles light up the young women's faces. They are seeking to invite people to support a unique Christmas campaign with impressive photos. The campaign aims to protect Swiss eyes while restoring eyesight to people blinded by cataracts in Africa, making helmets a two-fold gift. The fog and damp, dull weather match the subject matter since cataracts begin with a clouding of the lens in the eye both in Switzerland and worldwide. Cataracts can lead to total blindness if left untreated.

However, optrel AG does not make empty promises which it might just keep one day. The Swiss high-quality welding helmet specialist has already managed to finance 868 cataract operations this year. More help is already arriving and will increase even further by Christmas. "You might not have ever given a welding helmet as a present, but if you do, you’ll protect a welder's eyes with a helmet while also saving other people's eyesight," affirms Miljanovic. "Each time you restore eyesight, you are giving someone a future in Africa since cataracts are the top cause of blindness in developing countries and can often be cured after years of blindness!" explains Keller of Light for the World during the presentation of the joint social initiative in Wattwill, Switzerland.

You can order welding helmets for this Christmas campaign now at or collect them directly from the optrel AG company headquarters at the following address: Industriestrasse 2, 9630 Wattwil, Switzerland.

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