optrel osc. with optimized technical functionality

created by Branka Miljanovic |

The optrel osc. rejuvenated after 25 years with new ADF technology.

The optrel osc. The most copied and really often produced welding helmet of its time. 25 years of product life make it a fundamental element in our industry. And still he has a faithful fan base. However, external influences and the resulting impossibility to go on producing the ADF the way it is today forced us to go a step further. Like the optrel p550 – today known as optrel neo and more important for the market than ever – the optrel osc gets a facelift. Just the ADF. Full stop. You will benefit from the following additions from the 5th of June:
  • New energy supply concept with exchangeable batteries.
  • True Color View
  • Optimized Classification
Furthermore the switching times have been optimized, the delay function and sensitivity setting have been added. For all details please refer to the osc. product page on this website.
optrel osc. Automatik-Schweisshelm